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    Key F1 Preseason Dates Ahead of the 2023 F1 Campaign

    The Formula 1 season will be here before we know it, and the ramp-up to ‘lights out’ at Bahrain is gathering pace. The first Grand Prix of 2023 is not until Sunday, March 5, but the excitement hits a new level as we go through February. Except for a launch date for the Haas, all […]

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    Shwartzman and Giovinazzi Confirmed As Ferrari F1 reserve Drivers

    Ferrari has named a group of four F1 reserve and development drivers supporting full-time racers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz during the 2023 season. Former F1 driver Antonio Giovinazzi and 2021 F2 runner-up Robert Shwartzman – who have both made several F1 test outings with Ferrari – will share the role of reserve driver while […]

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    These Are The Hottest Female Sports Reporters

    Sports journalism is no longer a man’s career because female sports reporters are as good as male their male counterparts. In fact, they’re not just ordinary reporters, they are women with style, beauty, and hotness that every sports enthusiast can’t ignore. These female sports reporters cover everything from pro sports like NFL football, NBA basketball, […]

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    Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Military Jets

    Military jets are fascinating. They are the fastest, most agile, and most potent aircraft globally. They have been a part of humanity’s imagination for generations and have been used to symbolize military might by many countries worldwide. They have a long history, and they’re used in so many ways that it’s impossible to think of […]

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    These Are The 6 Most Affordable Honeymoons in Europe

    Does a European adventure sound like an absolute dream—but maybe out of your price range? Not to worry! There are plenty of affordable honeymoons in Europe to choose from. With so many beautiful destinations with breathtaking landscapes, diverse cultures, and robust culinary offerings, there’s a reason so many travelers fall in love with Europe. This continent is […]

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    How Does The F1 Sprint Work? 

    The F1 Sprint format is back this weekend at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, but in case you’ve missed the other Sprint events this season, there are a few tweaks – including a new points system – from how it was run last year. Here’s your one-stop shop on what to expect, from Friday qualifying […]

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    Can Wine Be A Health Food?

    Anon is one of Dr. Roach’s avid followers, who asked Dr. Roach about his husband’s daily wine intake. She asked, Dear Dr. Roach: I have read about the benefits of having a glass of wine per day for women, or two glasses for men. Can you please tell me how your health will be affected […]

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