Russell Extends Top-5 Streak In Monaco

Russell Extends Top-5 Streak In Monaco

Russell Extends Top-5 Streak In Monaco

George Russell secured another top-five finish at the Monaco Grand Prix with P5 for Mercedes. He said that he was the “quickest car on track” at one point, hinting at more to come.

Asked if he was pleased to keep his streak alive, Russell said: “Yes, I think so. There were a lot of positives from that race. We were the quickest car on the track on the hard tire before the second red flag, and that was a pretty fun stint.”

“He came out in front of me at the pit exit; I was behind, and he went to the left, and I sort of went on the wet stuff. It felt pretty dicey from within the car for Monaco in damp conditions!”

The 24-year-old – a director in the GPDA, or Grand Prix Drivers Association – was also satisfied with the delayed race start, as downpours saw the race begin late and be shortened to 64 laps.

“Yes, it was tough. It was a bit frustrating from the beginning when we kept having the delays, but fair play to the FIA because I think they saw the weather coming in. It was undrivable conditions when we attempted it on the first occasion.

“And then the second red flag, track drying up, one dry line, it’s never easy. Especially on a track like this. But I think we made it – P5, and more to come next time.”

He added: “It was physical out there, it was very bumpy, which we knew was our limitation this weekend. But P5, we’ll take the points and try and come back stronger next time.”

Azerbaijan, where Lewis Hamilton (P8) lost out on a likely victory last season, is up next – Mercedes adding yet more points in Monaco to cement their third-place status.

Written by John N

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